Facilities and it’s services


for professional production staging, used for conferences, as workshop venue, live music and performance venue, for festivals, competitions etc.

Editing suites studio

do video recording and photos in live events, music videos, theatre productions, weddings, parties, funerals, gathering etc.

Recording studio

music recordings, record radio drama, radio jingles, voice overs, mixing, mastering, live recording, demos etc.

Radio Station

community radio station called Vibe FM 94.7 frequency.

Film and Graphics Productions

Scriptwriting, eventing, arts management, event coordinating, industrial theatre, planning

Multimedia Film/Video Training Project (MUFIP): is the first video documentary production training project (in Kwa Zulu-Natal) run at a community level, which provides real video production and screen-writing skills.

MUFIP started in 1999 through funding from the London-based K-CAP patron Janine Ulfane. MUFIP is aimed at job creation prospects in the competitive film/video/TV industry and thus focuses on technical and behind-the-scenes practical skills training. There are regular group intakes of ten trainees many of who have been participating in the MUFIP intensive course since 1999.

The result of the training has been successful collaboration, and ensuing trainee placement, with GT Theys Co. (Durban), Oog-na-Oog (Holland), Allenby Campus and Carlton-TV (England) Struck by Lightning/ Jazz Spirit (Durban), Mafisa Media (Johanessburg). Ongoing partnership with Raw Material ( London) has helped to train core members of MUFIP and gain them longer placements in the United Kingdom (UK).

In 2001 and 2002 the Department of Drama ( University of Natal) has twice instructed more than 10 MUFIP trainees in acting-for-camera courses. MUFIP trainees have filmed and produced videos for Department Arts Culture Science Technology (DACST), KZN Arts & Culture, and Rorke\\\’s Drift Art Centre; they have also successfully worked on digitizing footage for feature films like “Nothing But The Truth”. The project has 16 documentary making students on a two-year training. Each year their short documentaries are featured in Durban International Film Festival and our own Kwa-Mashu African Film Festival (KAFF)